Better Cotton Conference 2023

Traceability & Data

Traceability & Data are complex areas where we need to embrace uncomfortable conversations, regulatory support, and proactive leadership.

Understanding farmers' challenges, driving traceability in supply chains, aligning product claims with consumer values, and addressing data-related complexities are key considerations for advancing sustainability and meeting legislative requirements.​

​KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Maxine Bédat, New Standard Institute

From Commitment to Action: Fixing Market Failures through Regulation

Sustainability has transformed from a marketing opportunity to a legal requirement

The relationship between greenwashing and global legislation highlights the need for brands to take proactive action and report their sustainability efforts. Achieving meaningful traceability requires extending it to the farmer level to ensure fair profit distribution and move beyond pilot initiatives into full-scale implementation, connecting market dynamics with legislative measures.

Data and Traceability Sessions:



Making Better Cotton Traceable

• Erin Klett / Director of Research, Verité
• Sarah Solomon / International Relations Officer, US Department of Labor

Traceability: Lessons We Learned from Pilots in Turkey, India, Mozambique and Uzbekistan

• Erin Klett / Director of Research, Verité
• Mahmut Pekin, Louis Dreyfus Company
• Alexander Ellebrecht / Manager Business Development, ChainPoint
• Anna Rönngard / Commercial Director, TextileGenesis
• Martha Willis / Senior Sustainability Manager, C&A
• Abdala Bernardo / Data Manager, JFS San

Tackling Greenwashing: How to Effectively Substantiate Claims

• Sam Ludlow Taylor / Senior Manager, Human Rights, John Lewis
• Bente Bauer / Director of Public Affairs, Policy Hub
• Philine-Luise Pulst / Counsel, CMS Germany

Creating Value for Farmers Through Traceability

• Lukas Puender / Co-Founder & CEO, Retraced
• Liz Hershfield / Head of Sustainability, J. Crew
• Gary Adams / President, U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol
• Jane Grob / Senior Director, Strategic Initiatives, Technoserve

Leveraging Data: Effective Ways to Measure Impact

• Jesse Daystar / Chief Sustainability Officer, Cotton Inc
• Ruud Schute / Programme Director, Organic Cotton Accelerator
• Brooke Summers / Strategy Lead: Cotton to Market, Cotton Australia
• Allan Williams / General Manager, R&D Investment, Cotton Research & Development Corporation
• Nicola Thornley / Principal Consultant – Apparel & Textiles, Anthesis

    Photo Credit: Better Cotton / Dennis Bouman

    Photo Credit: Better Cotton / Dennis Bouman

    Photo Credit: Better Cotton / Carlotta Cataldi

    Photo Credit: Better Cotton / Carlotta Cataldi

    Photo Credit: Better Cotton / Carlotta Cataldi

    Photo Credit: Better Cotton / Carlotta Cataldi

    Regenerative Agriculture

    A healthy economy relies on a healthy society, and a healthy society relies on healthy soil. It is essential to support farmers in transitioning to regenerative agriculture.

    Regenerative agriculture will ensure long-term ecological sustainability, enhance soil health and fertility, promote biodiversity, mitigate climate change, and foster resilient agricultural systems that benefit both farmers and society. ​

    KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Felipe Villela, reNature

    Regenerative Agriculture: Why We Must Transition and How to Scale it

    Regenerative agriculture is proposed as a solution to preserve nature, going beyond sustainability by incorporating practices like cover crops, green soil coverage, and diversified farming systems. Implementing regenerative agriculture requires actions such as diversification and livestock integration. Supporting farmers in transitioning to regenerative practices is crucial for a healthy society and economy.

    Regenerative Agriculture Sessions:



    Launching Regenerative Cotton Landscapes

    • Alan McClay / CEO, Better Cotton
    • Safia Minney MBE / Founder and Director, Fashion Declares & People Tree

    Regenerative Agriculture: Setting the Scene

    • Emma Dennis / Senior Manager, Sustainable Agricultural Practice, Better Cotton

    Opportunities and Challenges at Farm-Level

    • Rasikbhai Danabhai / Indian Farmer
    • Almas Parveen / Pakistani Farmer Project Officer
    • Todd Straley / US Farmer
    • Steve Olson / US Farmer
    • Jonathan Spenser / CEO, TerraVerde Agriculture
    • Julia Felipe / Producer Unit Manager, Mozambique, SAN-JFS

    Moving the Needle for Regenerative Agriculture

    • Natalie Ernst / Farm Sustainability Standards Manager, Better Cotton

      Photo Credit: Better Cotton / Dennis Bouman

      Photo Credit: Better Cotton / Dennis Bouman

      Photo Credit: Better Cotton / Carlotta Cataldi

      Photo Credit: Better Cotton / Carlotta Cataldi

      Conference Day 1

      Explore further the themes 'Climate Action' and 'Sustainable Livelihoods' that the speakers explored during Day 1 of the Better Cotton Conference 2023.